What It Is


The Intentional Woman Method is a program designed to help any woman who wants to make changes to how she spends her time.  I like to think of it as a "modern day" coaching program. It's one-part flexible content that you do online, whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.  It's another part more traditional coaching from me, to make sure that you are supported and guided as you go.  I've deliberately designed it to be flexible because let's face it - if you're here - you're probably a really busy woman with a million other things to do.




How It Works

Each Module is a 6-week online course

Each module lasts for 6 weeks. The content will be "drip fed" to you each week on an online platform that you will log into for the course.  It's a series of self-guided, practical worksheets and exercises.  You can do the worksheets on your computer or download and print them out if you're a pen-to-paper kind of girl.  Each module leaves you with a clear action plan for implementing the new and exciting changes that you want to make in your life.  

3 coaching sessions with me along the way 

You get 3, hour-long coaching sessions from me throughout the course.  We will roll-up our sleeves, dig-in, and work together to reclaim your time and make positive changes in your life.  I tend to recommend doing 1 at the beginning, middle, and end, but you can use them whenever you want or need them the most.  Additional coaching available to purchase if & as needed.

Flexible & Forgiving- do it whenever, wherever

The program is designed to be flexible.  As a busy mom myself, I get it.  You can do it at your own pace - whenever, wherever, even (if not preferably?) in your yoga pants over a glass of wine.  


What It Entails

The Method is broken down into 3 modules, each of which I have found are critical steps for women to make intentional changes in their lives.  You'll learn and get different things from each module.

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Module 1:  Get Clarity on what you want

A series of self-reflective questions to help you figure out how to invest your time.  Including, but not limited to, topics such as:

  • What's most important to you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you want more of and less of in your life?
  • What do you find meaningful and fulfilling?  What makes you happy?
  • What kind of a woman do you want to be
  • What kind of a legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • Which relationships and people do you want to invest in (and not invest in)?
  • What kind of work do you love?
  • What's "next" for you in life?
  • What's an actionable plan for making these things a reality?
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Module 2:  ReOrganize, Reclaim & Realign Your Time

A step-by-step process to help you "clean-up" your time so that it's more aligned with what you want and what will make you feel happier, calmer, more balanced and fulfilled.  Including, but not limited, to topics such as:

  • Reorganize Your Time
    • What do you want to do?  What do you have to do?  How can you tweak that balance so it feels more manageable?
  • Reclaim Your Time
    • What can you delegate?  Eliminate?  Simplify?
    • What systems can you put in place for efficiency?  
  • Realign Your Time
    • How can you schedule and organize your daily life to align with your goals?  
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Module 3:  Get Unstuck from the things that are weighing you down

Sometimes we don't spend our time in the ways that we want -- not because we need more clarity or because our time needs to be re-organized -- but because something else, something deeper is going on.  Sometimes spending our time in certain ways triggers something in us about who we are, how we "should" be, or what's expected of us in the myriad roles that we play...making it really hard to change.

This is the more reflective module, where we dive deeper into the things that I've found predictably tend to weigh women down:  expectations, guilt, feelings of sunk-costs, fears, feelings of "who I am" and "who I am not," the ways that we feel we "should" be living our lives, and so on.  

Anchored in my work at Harvard University on behavioral change and adult development - it's a step-by-step process for identifying what might be holding you back and freeing yourself from these things.


Every woman is different and has different needs at different times.  You choose where to start based on where you have the most interest & energy.

Who It's For


This program is for any woman who is looking to make changes to how she spends her time.


Do you feel any of the following ways?


Get Clarity - Purchased - XL.jpg

MODULE 1:   

Get Clarity on What You Want

You feel a little lost, confused, or want to tap into a bigger, deeper vision for how to spend your time and your life.  You want to discover what you find meaningful, fulfilling, & inspiring.


  • "I don't actually know what I want, I just know that it's not this."
  • "I don't know what's next for me.  I need to figure that out."
  • "I wish that I knew what I was passionate about."
  • "It's been awhile since I was engaged in work or hobbies that made me feel really excited."
  • "I feel guilty for saying this, but there's got to be more to life than this, right?"
  • "I love my kids, but I just need to start doing something for me."

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Reorganize, Reclaim, & Realign Your Time

You feel a little overwhelmed.  You know what's important to you - but you're so bogged down with daily responsibilities and commitments that you can't find the time to make those important things happen.  You're craving a "spring cleaning" and clear plan for where to focus your time and find balance.


  • "I seem to spend a lot of time on things that I don't love doing."
  • "My life feels totally out of balance.  I want more time to invest in the things that are actually important to me."
  • "I feel like I'm living on a rat wheel.  My husband and I are like ships passing in the night."
  • "My time is so disorganized.  I feel like I need a plan, a map, a way to organize things."
  • "I feel like all I do is direct my kids, drive them around, and clean the house.  When do I get time for the more enjoyable parts of parenting?"

Get Unstuck - Purchased - XL high quality.jpg


Get Unstuck


You're feeling a little stuck making a specific change or using your time in a certain way. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids, but you keep working too much.  Maybe you want to invest more in your health, but you give all your time to your family.  You keep making promises to change or use your time differently - but can't seem to make it happen.


  • "I keep vowing to balance my personal and work life more - but I never seem to be able to make it happen."
  • "What would people think of me if I made that change?  I know that I would be disappointing so many people."
  • "I don't love this part of my life, but I've invested so much time in it, how could I leave now?"
  • "This just isn't how I imagined my life."
  • "I really, truly am committed to changing a part of my life, but it never seems to work."

If any of this sounds familiar, this program is for you.



Why It's Different

I believe that women are smart.  They are motivated to change.  Having a hard time making changes to our lives isn't because we're lazy, stubborn, or weak.  And it isn't because we need more motivation, discipline, or willpower - as the $10 billion dollar industry on personal change would suggest.

Through my research, work at Harvard on personal change, and private practice working with women, I've discovered that women are getting stuck for very "practical" reasons related to how they figure out what they want and how they organize their time and also for "deeper" reasons related to what spending their time differently triggers in them (who they are, what is expected of them, what they "should" be doing with their lives, etc.).  

The Intentional Woman Method is fundamentally different from most approaches because it takes into account the complexity of women's lives by combining:  1) practical advice for how to prioritize, manage, and structure your time with 2) a deep understanding for how to remove the obstacles and overturn the stalemates within ourselves (that have been imposed by ourselves - and others - somewhere along the way) that keep us stuck.  

The vast majority of advice out there will tell you to just figure out what you want, set goals, and go do it.  They tell us that we just need more motivation, willpower, or discipline.  This advice suggests that the reason we haven't taken off weight is that we haven't tried hard enough; we haven't left the job we don't like because we aren't motivated enough; we haven't left a dysfunctional relationship because we don't have the courage.  

Turns out - it's not that simple.

If it were, we’d be achieving our New Year’s resolutions.  We wouldn’t feel so tired and out of alignment.  We wouldn’t be living with big gaps between how we want to live and how we actually do.  We wouldn’t be losing months, years, or decades of our lives not spending our time - and living our lives - in the ways that we want.  

By addressing the three areas that my research and work at Harvard have shown are actually keeping women stuck, I've designed an approach that helps you make intentional changes to how you invest your time that actually works.

No other program is doing this for women.