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The Intentional Woman Method

Are you ready to dig-in and take control of your life?  Ready to figure out what's most important, meaningful, and fulfilling to you?  How to organize your time to align with those goals and priorities?  How to release yourself from any expectations and personal narratives that might be holding you back? The IWM online course is made up of three 6-week modules that are done online with coaching from me. This is the most robust approach to figuring out how to reclaim your time and invest in what really matters to you

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A single modulE of the IWM

Do you have a very specific challenge that you're facing right now?  Maybe you know that you need some clarity in your life.  Or that you need to re-organize your time.  Or that you're "stuck" and need to change.  If you are only experiencing one of these things, then the one-module approach is a great place to start.  Each module is 6 weeks, done online, with coaching support from me.  


A la Carte Coaching

This is a great option for women who might just need help navigating a specific challenge or issue in their lives.  These are 1 hour coaching sessions done in-person, by phone, or Skype.  


A Quick Note About My Services


I tend to find that everyone's needs are different.  Some women want a little more clarity about what's important to them.  Others need help prioritizing and re-organizing their time.  Some women just feel "stuck" - whether it's making a specific change or about life generally.  Whatever you're feeling, I will work with you one-on-one to tailor my methodology to your needs.